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Jim Hacker: “Humphrey, is everything all right about the Solihull-project?”
Sir Humphrey: “Yes Minister, I understand that the building works are proceeding quite satisfactory.”
Jim Hacker: “No, no, that’s not what I meant. Is something going on?”
Sir Humphrey: “Building is going on, Minister.”
Jim Hacker: “No, no, Humphrey. I mean something is up, isn’t it?”
Sir Humphrey: “Yes indeed, Minister.”
Jim Hacker: “What?”
Sir Humphrey: “Well the first floor is up and second floor is almost…”
Jim Hacker: “No Humphrey, I am talking about the whole basis of the thing.”
Sir Humphrey: “Oh, I see.”
Jim Hacker: “What can you tell me about that?”
Sir Humphrey: “Ah…well, as I understand it Minister, the basis is an aggregate of gravel and cement on six feet of best builder’s…”
Jim Hacker: “Humphrey, I think you know I am talking about the finance!”


Larry maybe is not a good mouser, but he’s reli that cute!


Larry the Downing Street cat is sacked as Number 10’s chief mouse catcher after chillaxing too much on the job


this post was what sold me on House of Cards.

Sometimes I think I’d really like to be like Urquhart and give zero fucks about anything or anyone x_x


Sebastian & Prime Minister @ 10 Downing street - Little Britain

Jim Hacker: "Well, anyway. Why are we bugging Hugh Halifax? Is he talking to the Russians?"
Sir Humphrey: "No, the French actually. That's much more serious."
Jim Hacker: "Why?"
Bernard Woolley: "The Russians already know what we are doing."
I am leaving parliament in order to spend more time on politics
Tony Benn (via jamesmoloney)
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