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Name of local taxation mentioned in the YPM episode Power to the People and The National Education Service.

Red Boxes

As the name says these are red colored boxes or suitcases that contain all government papers that a minister must work on at home. As a minister Jim Hacker usually had around 3-5 red boxes to take home each night. 

Red Hot Line

See Hot Line

Red Tape

An acronym for bureaucracy. 


Another word for communists, mentioned in the YPM episode A Victory for Democracy

Regional Contracts Officer

Civil servant with a responsibility for contracts under regional laws. Sir Humphrey was a regional contracts officer at the Scottish office, as mentioned in the YM episode The Skeleton in the Cupboard

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Acronym for Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization. Quangos’ official purpose is to allow for the public to influence government planning and legislation. Unofficially however quango vacancies are used to reward political friends or to buy some people’s loyalty or support. Quangos are excellently covered in the YM episode Jobs for the Boys, were Sir Desmond Glazebrook is looking for a quango appointment. Frank Weisel despises the quango practice and tries to change it in that same episode. However he fails and becomes member of a quango.

 Quango Abolition Paper

Paper that Frank Weisel wrote to end the misuse of quangos for rewarding political friends. He tries to end all the jobs for the boys, but ends up with getting a job for the boys. Featured in the YM episode Jobs for the Boys

Question Time

Weekly event in the House of Commons where the Prime Minister can be asked questions relating to current events. In the YPM episode The Tangled Web Jim Hacker describes his triumph during Question Time.

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Refers to the head of the government: the Queen or King of Great Britain.

 Parliamentary Inquiry

Inquiry by the Houses of Parliament into a specific topic. Mentioned in the YPM episode The Smoke Screen.

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— I wonder if you’d considered the party chairman himself?

Yes Minister: The best British comedy ever

July 17, 2014

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"Your idea of us working together is you telling me what to do and me doing it."

"Your idea of us working together is you telling me what to do and me doing it."

Something’s troubling the Minister - could a reshuffle be on the cards??

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Official Secrets Act

Legislation to protect government information. Sir Humphrey explains to Bernard Woolley that the Official Secrets Act is not there to protect secrets, but to protect officials. Mentioned in the YM episode Jobs for the Boys. Jim Hacker wants to prosecute the Energy’s Department Press Officer, who leaked an embarrassing chapter of Jim’s predecessor’s memoirs, under Section 2 of the Official Secrets Act. In the YPM episode Power to the People Sir Arnold remarks that the Official Secrets Act is there to cover up the daily disasters of politicians.

 Operation Hairshirt

Civil service scheme to discourage ministers to cut in government spending. The operation is intended to let ministers feel the pain of spending cuts by taking away “privileges” such as chauffeur driven cars, large personal staff, etc. It is sold to ministers by statements such as “economy begins at home, minister” and “you must set an example, minister”. After a while ministers get frustrated, certainly if spending turns out to be as high as ever or even higher. Sir Humphrey and Jumbo seem to have done this operation many times before they do it to Jim Hacker in the YM episode The Economy Drive.

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